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KREWE’s Brilliant Cat Eye Sunglasses, Octavia

Octavia is large and in charge. These brilliant cat eye sunglasses were introduced to KREWE’s collection in late 2016 starting with four colors:

Octavia’s Unique Colors!
Interstellar to Black 24K (tortoise like pattern with iridescent flecks)
Black with crystal 24K (sleek and shiny black with crystal accents)
Plume to Champagne 24K (feature below)
Magnolia Rose Gold (pearlescent white with mirrored lenses)

While KREWE only lists this style as recommended for a heart shaped face, we’d say the softer angular shape of Octavia is suitable for a round face as well. Actually, we’ve seen this particular model work well with oval and squared faces – so really, we think all shapes should try this out.

Simply put, Octavia is exceptional in optical, not just opulent and unique cat eye sunglasses.

KREWE Octavia, Unique glasses, Houston AllenaThis frame is NOT just diverse in color but also fit.
If you’re looking for the perfect prescription cat eye sunglasses or just oversized unique glasses, we certainly recommend Octavia! This is great choice if frames are always too small and you need glasses for a wide face. KREWE’s page lists the style as part of their Asian fit eyewear collection (aka universal fit), likely due to the longer than average nose pads. (read more on the challenge of finding eyewear that fits: advice for petite faces, big noses, shallow bridges, wide faces, etc.)

Prescription Sunglasses that Aren’t Boring

Love that rose gold mirror lens? Or maybe you envision something a little different like Octavia in black with colorful lenses… You don’t have to sacrifice personal style or lens quality, we’ve got you covered if you’re looking for unique prescription sunglasses or want to achieve the same look KREWE offers with your correction.

Want KREWE sunglasses with your prescription? Message us (you don’t have to be in Houston)


Octavia measures 54-18-140 and features hardware plated in 24K gold for a “luxurious finish and lasting durability”.
KREWE’s Description
Octavia’s oversized silhouette, with its unique metal inlay, makes for a lightweight frame that reimagines the Uptown street’s late 20th-century architecture.


We call Octavia a pair of brilliant cat eye sunglasses because of superior qualities like diverse fit due to the shape and design coupled with unique colors. Bonus: We’ve got a sneak peek at some of the unique and colorful cat eye options in KREWE’s near future, or at least we’re hoping they make it to production. Pics soon, stay tuned.

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The Reincarnation of a Mid-Century Cat Eye Called Tang – by Victory Eyewear

an iconic mid-century cat eye

We’ve gathered together some archival video and original advertisements for these mid-century cat eye glasses. Plus, where to buy and similar new or deadstock vintage cat eyes.

Manufacturing and Fashion

Behind the scenes with archival mid-century footage (1965). The featured frame is a red cat eye with a strikingly similar appearance to Tang – interesting.[2]

These cuts are from the Max Wiseman factory and include glass lens manufacturing, eyewear hand cut from zyl, lined bifocal assembly, and the consumer end of the optical dispensing process.

  Wow. I bet you didn't know all this went into making you're iconic 50's Glasses #Vintage #Glasses #Fashion #TheFifties #Technology Posted by Vintage et Industrial on Saturday, November 19, 2016

NOW: The Reincarnation of an Mid-Century Cat Eye

Decades after this frame’s debut, Victory brought it back with a slightly softer form. The current reincarnation comes in a growing number of colors and several limited editions. We know the white horn, shown above on our furry friend Frankie, is currently being phased out.

If you’re looking to go bold, make a pop in pastel pink, blue, or mint.

Pop in Bubble Gum Pink Pastel Glasses

Bold Pastel Blue

Marvelous Muted Pink

Stay Cool in Mint - Green Pastel

White Horn, Midnight Blue, Dark Green, Crystal Pink, and Tortoise

We know the white horn, also shown above on our furry friend Frankie, is being phased out.

Versatile Black or Red

Many women choose black, tortoise, or red as a staple to their accessory collection. Not only are these colors versatile and simply stylish, they’re an effortless transition from casual to formal.

Pop in Pastel Glasses

If you’re looking to go bold, make a pop in pastel pink, blue, or mint.

Light muted pink cat eye with pointy tips Mint green pastel cat eye - wintergreen taffy by Victory (Tang) Bay be pink pastel cat eye with pointy tips Baby pastel blue cat eye glasses

this is a go to model for mid-century cat eyes


Send a message to inquire about availability, our current stock, or prescription mail order (single vision only).

Frame Details


SIZE: 46-21-135
FRAME COLORS: Black on Crystal, Black on Tortoise, Pale Rose on Crystal, Tortoise

SIZE: 48-21-140
FRAME COLORS:  Black on Tortoise, Blue, Brown, Green, Tortoise, Red, Black Horn, White Horn, *Blueberry Taffy, *Bubblegum Taffy, *Root Beer Taffy, *Wintergreen Taffy

*Indicates new colors for Fall 2015
Sizes measured in mm

Referenced Materials
[1] vintage advertisements, product images, and frame details as of 2/2017 via and Victory Optical on Instagram[2] video footage via British Pathé – seen & shared via Vintage et Industrial‘s Facebook.

FEATURED IMAGE by Robyn Arouty Frankie is an energetic, fashionable, young adoptable at Pup Squad in Houston (transportation available).