So how does this whole thing work?

Pick your frame(s), choose which lens you’ll need (help!), upload your prescription, and away we go.

Our online store is just a handful of our favorites.
Visit our brick-and-mortar store where we have 1000’s of often hard to find or out of step collections, shapes, and styles, including a whole room dedicated to NOS (new old stock) vintage glasses.

Check out this handy workflow to see the ordering process.

More Questions:

Can you put lenses in MY frame?

— Probably! If it’s in a good condition and made of ophthalmic material (prescription ready). Bring it on over with your current Rx. Only an in store option at this time.

Can I buy YOUR frame and bring it to my favorite vision specialist?

— Yes! All of our frames are made of ophthalmic materials, meaning they are prescription ready.

What if a frame is out of stock?

— We can notify you as soon as we get it back in stock, or contact us to get some other awesome recommendations, just for you 🙂
(try to include the frame in question, a photo of yourself, and any additional info we should know about what you’re looking for)


What about lenses and prescriptions?

We have many lens options, and we’ll help you choose the best one.

The Short List:

Materials: CR39, Polycarbonate, Hi-Index 1.67, Hi-Index 1.74, Trivex
Coatings: anti-reflective, Crizal®, fashion tints, specialty tints, FL-41 for migraine relief
Additional: tinted or polarized sunglasses, photochromic/Transitions®, prism
In Store Only: freeform, digital, “HD”, bifocal, trifocal, PAL – Progressive Addition Lens, Varilux®, Essilor®

Single vision lenses are available, even if you have a bifocal prescription. Multifocal lenses are in-store only because there are far too many factors to consider when selecting this type of lens and we’ll need to take measurements.



Prices, Payments, Insurance.. Oh my!?

Starting Prices

Frames $28+
Single Vision Lenses $40+
*PAL/Progressive $150+
*Lined Bifocal/Trifocal $75+
Anti-Reflective Coating (including warranty) $60+
Non-Prescription Lenses $30+ (for fashion, replacing sunglasses lenses etc)

All lenses include UV protection and are scratch resistant (not scratch proof ;))
*We only provide these items in store.


— All major credit cards (Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, and Discover®).
— Cash (in store only)
— HSA (health savings) or FSA (flex spending) card with any major credit card logo.

If you’re having difficulty checking out online with your card, just contact us.



We’ll contact you when your order is complete with either a tracking number or to let you know it’s time to pick up.

Shipments are sent via USPS (shout out to our awesome Post Officer, OC! We ♥ You!)
Due to the nature of our products we only ship domestically at this time.


IN STORE turnaround averages 4-5 business days but we may quote you differently based on your frame/lens selection. In any case, once your glasses are ready, we will contact you! (Hint: if your receipt says freeform, you’re lookin’ at 2-4 weeks)

ONLINE: Frame only orders usually ship within 2 business days.
Frames + lenses usually ship within a week.
Turnaround times are often quicker & a tracking number will be provided


Help! I got my glasses, but…

Smith’s makes every effort to ensure our customers know they can talk to us with concerns of questions about glasses they’ve picked up or even purchased elsewhere.

This is definitely a topic we hear about a lot at the shop and one of the most common concerns or questions about glasses that we hear from new customers is that they’ve had a bad experience with fit or vision in the past.


If the frames don’t fit right, are uncomfortable, crooked, etc., you can visit us any time or bring them to your favorite vision care specialist for an adjustment.

Think of professional adjustments like going to the tailor or dry cleaner; sometimes your staple wardrobe pieces need to be pressed or altered.

Frames should only be adjusted after being lensed, especially if they’re vintage/NOS.
Read more about our deadstock eyewear.


The most common new glasses vision issue is the ‘fishbowl’, let us know if that’s the case.

If your prescription seems off, remember that it may take a few days to get used to a new correction or lens size.

If you’re still having issues, let us know, preferably within the first two weeks, so we can discuss and troubleshoot. We guarantee prescription accuracy, after all, you’re paying for a custom product and should be able to use it.

In some cases a remake is required, it happens and the reasons why vary.
Check out our warranties/returns information if you just can’t adjust.


I’m interested in some vintage frames – what’s the deal?

All of our vintage frames are new old stock (NOS) and in excellent condition. That being said, vintage frames are sold as-is and sometimes have imperfections. If you purchase a vintage frame without lenses it will likely be a little wonky or crooked on your face until they’re professionally lensed. Adjusting the frames without lenses or excessively is not recommended.

Nothing in our online store is used. Every once in awhile, we come across a really cool used frame, which we will clearly mark on our sales floor. Having been in the business for so long, we know a thing or two about authenticity and quality.

** If you’re interested in selling us a lot of UNUSED vintage glasses, send us an email with a few photos 🙂 This also goes for gently used vintage frames that could be described as outlandish, avant-garde, elaborate, unique, etc.


What are your return and warranty policies?

Be sure you reviewed our brief section Help! I got my glasses, but…

All incoming packages must be pre-authorized.
We are not responsible for unauthorized incoming mail.

Frames Warranty

NEW FRAMES have a 1 year warranty for manufacturer defects.

Items from our VINTAGE STOCK are sold as is but we’ll do our best to help you out, promise.

Please contact us to discuss – photos are super helpful 🙂

Lens & Coating Warranty

All prescription lenses are custom made for your prescription, measurements, and frame choice.
We guarantee prescription accuracy and will work with you if there is an issue.

Anti-reflective coatings have a 1 or 2 year manufacturer warranty that applies to peeling, scratches, and crazing under normal use. The warranty period is specified on your receipt but we can look it up for you too.


We have a 40 day remake/return/exchange policy.

Please contact us if you receive your order and are having vision
issues or are unhappy.

Frame only orders are eligible for a full refund and must be returned in their original condition (unaltered merchandise).
Customized jobs (lenses, lenses + our frames) may be assessed fee.
If you got your glasses and aren’t happy, reach out to us. We certainly want you to see and look good while doing so 😉

Refunds are made in the same form of payment.
Please allow up to two weeks for credit card completion.

All inbound packages (including remakes, returns, exchanges, and vendors) must be authorized before being sent to the store.

What about repairs?

We can replace screws, eyewire, and nose pads.
We do not do frame or lens repairs.
Sometimes we can use a little elbow grease and shine up the vintage frames you’re lensing or currently wearing.
Houstonians and area visitors can contact us for guidance (send a photo or visit the shop).

message us


Are you going to sell my information to the man?

Our privacy policy is simple, it applies to our website and physical location.

Here is the list of our do’s and don’ts:

We DON’T: We DO:
sell your information share only the necessary information you provide to complete your order with the appropriate lab or supplier.
store your credit card information gather and use anonymous information for the purpose of understanding how to better; tailor our website and user experiences.

Links to Third Party Websites:

This site contains links to other websites. Smith’s takes no responsibility for the privacy practices or the content of these websites. We encourage you to read the privacy policies of each website you visit prior to disclosing any personal information.

Intellectual Property:

Smith’s appreciates the hard work and long hours of artists and creatives alike! All works should be credited appropriately. Please direct any additional information, comments, or questions you may have about our content OR a copyright complaint to

Unless otherwise noted, the design, materials, and contents of this site are controlled by Smith’s Opticians or its affiliates and should not be used for any purpose without Smith’s written consent.


Here are a few of our favorite collections, all prescription ready.

(FYI: Our lower cost collections don’t have an online presence available for consumers.)

ArticleOne’s frames are handcrafted in Italy and they’re based in Flint, Michigan. In addition to clean and flattering shapes/colors, we love that ArticleOne works with Helen Keller International and to raise funds for and awareness about health and development.

Constantly refreshing their styles and zyles — Only sold through independent optical shops — and one of our staple collections.

Garrett Leight
The moment Philip saw this collection he knew Smith’s needed to stock it in a big way. Modern takes on classic shapes with attention to detail, designer collaborations, and multiple size options, plus lots of clip-on sunglasses.

Jonathan Cate
A logo-free collection with compelling designs and interesting patterns.

Kala Eyewear
Made in California, Kala Eyewear offers crisp, clean, logo-free styles that come in many shapes and sizes.

Krewe is a New Orleans-based independent eyewear company with unique color combinations and intriguing shapes.

NW 77th
Strikingly bold color combinations and patterns manufactured in Saint Louis, Missouri.

This made in USA collection was established in 1865 and features multiple size options, classic shapes, and cable temples. Popular frames include Browline Ronsir, Freeway, Sidewinder, and Ronwine.

State Optical
A new addition to our shop (as of mid 2016) and increasingly popular. Visit this bold American made collection in Chicago and take a factory tour (we still have yet to go).