Find a Frame

1. Find a Frame

We have thousands of frames to choose from in our shop, and we’ve hand picked some of the best for our web store.

Need suggestions? Start here:

Choose Your Lenses

2. Choose Your Lenses

Whether your vision is 20/40 or 20/120, the lens material you choose can affect the thickness of your glasses. If you’re not familiar with the lens materials we offer, check out our suggestion guide.

While we’re happy to make your bifocal, trifocal, or progressive lenses if you stop by our shop, we can only fill single-vision prescription orders through our web store.

Lens Options

3. Additional Lens Options

Do you spend a lot of time looking at computer screens? (we recommend an anti-reflective coating)

Are you in love with a frame, but wish they were sunglasses? (we offer tinted and polarized sunglass lenses for any of our frames as well as UV reactive photochromic lenses)

Now’s the time to choose the options that ensure your lenses are the best fit.

Send Us Your Prescription

4. Send Us Your Prescription

To work our magic, we’ll need a valid prescription from your doctor. Submit this during the order process, or use our contact form. **Don’t forget to include your PD (pupillary distance) if your doctor didn’t.

Now What?

5. We’ll contact you when your order is complete

ONLINE Frame only orders usually ship within 2 business days.

Frames + lenses usually ship within a week.

Turnaround times are often quicker & a tracking number will be provided.


IN STORE turnaround averages 4-5 business days but we may quote you differently based on your frame/lens selection. In any case, once your glasses are ready, we will contact you!



6. Enjoy!