Smith’s Opticians, Now with Online Shopping

The ONLINE selection of glasses is just a representation of what you’ll find in the store.
Think of this website as the boutique version of Philip Brown’s Optical Emporium (aka Smith’s Opticians).

We hope you tell everyone you know, especially the out-of-town folks who always love your specs!

Our physical store will remain home to Houston’s largest selection of glasses with 1,000’s of choices!

Yes, it’s true, Smith’s long rumored website, with online shopping, has arrived!
New eyeglasses, sunglasses, and information are added regularly.
The site is technically still in beta (testing) so please be patient and nice with your constructive criticisms.

Now you can browse some of our favorite independent designer glasses and new old stock vintage, all from the comfort of your home, pj’s, bath tub, favorite cafe, or wherever else you may prefer.

We’ll even mail any of these fine frames, with or without single vision lenses (current prescription required), to you or as a gift, anywhere in the U-S-A.

If you don’t find the perfect glasses on our shiny new website and can’t visit the shop,
send a message and we’ll search high and low.

What!? When did all of this happen?


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